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Women Have Wings 2020

Generation Equality Campaign Award

Nominated by NGO CSW/Latin America & the Caribbean

Delores ‘Del’ Robinson, advocate, caregiver, counsellor, policy maker, net-weaver, mother- hen, superwoman, organizer, these are some of the ‘labels’ given to her at the grassroots level. After over a decade of working in a Diplomatic Mission, in 2001 Delores went back to her roots – the women’s movement, where, for over thirty years she has been an active member, first with Sistren Theatre Collective of Jamaica; then with Women Working for Social Progress where she has been a member since 1988 and currently serves as a Council member with responsibility for Administration and Finance; and seven years with Advocates for Safe Parenthood; Improving Reproductive Equity (ASPIRE) which ended in 2013.


She served as Board member on a number of Non-Governmental Organisations including: The Network of NGOs for the Advancement of Women of Trinidad & Tobago; Community Action Resource –CARe; Co-Chair for the Trinidad & Tobago Group of Professional Association (TTGPA) Social Outreach Committee; The Committee of NGOs for the Commission on the Status of Women for Latin America and the Caribbean, (CoNGO CSW LAC) where she is currently Co-Vice Chair for the English Speaking Caribbean. In February of 2018 she was elected Global Grassroots Women’s Representative for the Caribbean Region on the Huairou Commission Governing Council. From 2007 to present, Ms. Robinson has been a volunteer Cultural Liaison Officer with the Emancipation Support Committee of Trinidad and Tobago. She has extensive training in protocol and logistics, having volunteered her services for both the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) and the Summit of the Americas Conference in Trinidad & Tobago; as well as Protocol Officer for arriving delegates to the Caribbean Regional Colloquium on Women in Leadership Conference in Trinidad & Tobago.


In September of 2012, Delores was inducted as a Rotarian and in 2015-16 she became the second female President (in the Club’s 34 years history) of the Rotary Club of St. Augustine West. In 2016-17 she served as her Club’s first female and Trinidad and Tobago’s only female Assistant District Governor for Rotary District 7030. In January of 2020, Rotarian Delores was awarded Rotary International Highest aware, The Paul Harris Fellow (PHF). Delores is the Founder and Co-Director of Grassroots Organisations Operating Together in Sisterhood in Trinidad and Tobago (GROOTS T&T). In 2014 after realizing that her Caribbean grassroots sisters’ voices was not being heard at CSW conferences (Commission of the Status of Women), Del formed a group to ‘give voice to the voiceless’ at CSW. For the last four CSW conferences, ‘Caribbean Sisters in Unity Core Group’ (CSUCG) have been hosting parallel event at CSW, giving voice to the Caribbean Grassroots women. One of her landmark achievements in advocacy was her lobbying for Jamaican married women living outside of Jamaica to be able to pass their nationality on to their children.


Delores would stop at nothing in her quest for such law to be amended. She raised her concerns with Deputy and High Commissioners as well as the then Prime Minister. Today, her son is the first Caribbean recipient of Jamaican Citizenship via his mother as a married woman.

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