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 May 2020

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- In late March GROOTS T&T started COVID 19 sensitization with 10 socially displaced persons (7 male 3 females) living in the Auzonville Park in Tunapuna. This initiative is maintained on a fortnightly basis with the provision of bath soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels

- Having worked with PLHIV and those with Mental Health issues, the organisation started providing hot meals to PLHIV and their families in the following areas: D'Abadie, Trincity, Morvant and Sea Lots. What started as 14 hot meals per day quickly grew into 32 meals and now includes 5 Jamaican students stranded at the UWI, St Augustine. The meals have also been extended to 6 socially displaced substance abusers and mentally ill persons living on the streets in the Curepe area, including a PLHIV who is now pregnant.

- GROOTS T&T Transition Home (fee-based) was requested to house survivors of family, domestic and gender-based violence. Within the space of one week, three female adults and three children were sent to the home by the police officers, and six other requests were received from individuals.

- The organisation also partnered with the Association of Jamaicans in T&T (AJTT), and the Rotary Club of St Augustine West (RSAW) in the provision of food hampers and care packages for 22 students living on halls at UWI and USC, as well as 58 families across Trinidad & Tobago

- In the last six weeks, we continue to provide psycho social support to over 150 persons including members of the LGBTI community, distribution of face masks in depressed communities. Our Medical Social Worker and Counselors are in daily contact doing intervention and counselling and referrals with clients who would have reached out to us during COVID 19.

- The Organisation was asked to assist in the delivery of COVID 19 Assistance Relief forms its clients. We realized that three families consisting of 3 mothers and 12 children all under the ages of 17 food card were discontinued, GROOTS T&T is now advocating for their return before COVID 19 is over.