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An affiliate of Huairou Commission & GROOTS International

It is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 and in incorporated in 2016.

GROOTS T&T operates with 18 members including 7 Board of Directors; 5 volunteers; 2 regional consultants; and 2 smaller organizations within this group.

GROOTS T&T focuses on five (5) core areas: DGBV, HIV & AIDS, SRHR, MHI and Disaster Preparedness Sensitization.

GROOTS T&T is an inclusive non-profit NGO that operates a Psychosocial & Counselling Centre.

Mission: We are committed to promoting grassroots women’s empowerment in rural communities; reducing incidences of DGBV, HIV&A, MHI, SRHR & S&D among our KPs.

GROOTS T&T is the implimenting NGO of the LINKAGES Trinidad Program.